Summer is closing in on us and we couldn't be more stoked about the past few months. Between the handful of personal projects, the butt load of weddings, and life adventures. We've kept very well occupied since our return trip from Hawaii.

Check out the quick recap and some sneak peek images of some of the content that we'll be dropping throughout the rest of the year...


Laura is awesome. She's married to a professional snowboarder, and let us film her run around in the Gorge.


11/01/2015: update - check out the video we produced! 


Our good friends over at Findlay Hats reached a milestone and made it into Zumiez this summer. It's always a fun time filming with these cats. Cliff jumping, skating, windsurfing, etc. 



We got together with our friend, Jin to shoot a short piece on a local record holding Powerlifter from Portland. This guy is an animal...



The team cruised down to Crater Lake on a late notice time-lapse mission to capture the Perseid Meteor shower. We brought Jess' hyped up 3 year old, Zoey with us for her first star gazing experience. We cooked hot dogs, watched the wildfire from a distance, and slept on blankets in a parking lot. It was an absolute blast.



Portland. Coffee. That is all.


We wish you all happy adventures and exploration. Now let's prep for the winter!

- Outlive Creative