While attending art school in 2010, Laure was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa; a very rare eye disease that is slowly rendering her blind. The years that followed were deeply painful as Laura struggled to make sense of a diagnosis that would someday potentially rob her from the one thing she had always felt called to do. Searching for hope and inspiration eventually led Laura outdoors. 

When she moved from Northern California to Seattle in 2012 she fell in love with mountains and it was there, somewhere in the messy intersection of hiking trails, a watercolor palette, and grieving the loss of her vision, Laura's soul found sanctuary. Her sedentary lifestyle evolved into a love for the outdoors and living as actively as possible. Riding her bike everywhere allowed Laura mobility for the first time since she had to give up driving, and also forced Laura to get fit. 

Freedom and joy have become the themes of Laura's life! These days Laura's heart is happiest when she's drinking coffee and climbing mountains with her husband, Nick Visconti (yes, the pro snowboarder - happily retired now!).