Over here at Outlive, when you love what you do it's easy to get lost in your work. Which for us means that it never ends. We had the opportunity to go and visit Jessi's parents on Oahu which helped us step back to remember the reason of why we love what we do - and that is to experience and capture relationship, new experiences, and new adventures. So we packed 3 cases with camera gear, and a suitcase full of clothes and about 15 hats and headed out to the island.

A few weeks prior to catching our 5 hour flight to paradise, we got together with Findlay Hats and produced some content that would help launch their 2015 summer line. We are super pumped on the final deliverables and are fortunate to have friends with brands that we enjoy creating content for. Here's a link to the work that we pushed out for the Findlay Hats crew: THE INNOVATOR

The Findlay Hats 2015 summer line

The Findlay Hats 2015 summer line

We absolutely loved: Trekking through the jungles, climbing up waterfalls, being toppled by the waves, eating steak dinners, sharing good company, catching lizards, catching 26 mosquito bites on one hike, paddleboarding, throwing up shaka signs, a few all nighters shooting star time-lapses, and being outfitted by Findlay Hats.

Despite the sunburns and pink eye, our trip was a perfect "reset" to motivate us that much more to produce content that will display our world and experiences in a manner that will be nothing less than spectacular. 

Here's a snapshot into our awesome "workation" and a few of our adventures: