Sarah sewing a Findlay patch on one of their Boonie Camper hats

We recently had the opportunity to get together with our friends Jimmy and Sarah over at Findlay Hats to create a new 'Behind the Scenes / Process' video of their business' production. If you're unfamiliar with the Portland, OR based company, they create custom hats that have laces incorporated into them that are designed to keep your hat on your head. A very simple, yet innovative design that has grown very popular among extreme sports enthusiasts since the company's launch in 2013.

Race getting some detail shots of a batch of finished hats

Race filming Jimmy operating the grommet press

Everything about the process of making these hats is very hands on, tedious, and requires a high skill level of artisanship. The amount of time and energy spent on one individual hat alone is admirable; punching holes in every hat, embroidering, tying laces, screen printing fabric for the pockets, cutting, sewing, and applying the pockets, and even laser engraving logos on leather and wooden clips. A completed Findlay Hat is truly an epic representation of quality hand made art.