Full Service Video Production

Creating a story through video is one of the most challenging tasks at hand, but it is also very rewarding. Our team handles everything from concept to delivery. 


  1. Bridging the Gap. We want to learn the who, what, where, when, and why's of your company. This very important step will help us establish a logistical plan and budget to execute your brands vision. 
  2. Proposal. After we've learned a little bit about each other we can start brainstorming concepts, creative direction, and production value. 
  3. Contract and Deposit. Nothing exciting here, but it gets your project shifted into high gear.
  4. Pre-Production. We begin storyboarding, writing scripts, location scouting, seeking talent, etc. This step ensures everything is ready to go come the day of your shoot.
  5. Production. Shoot, shoot, shoot.
  6. Post-Production. This is where your story begins to take life. We handle the editing, color correction, animating, music licensing, and all of the other details that bring it all together. 
  7. Final Delivery. Once we've gone through our rounds of revisions and the final edit is approved, you will get a copy of the master file and any other format that you requested. 

Our Work