The Pbrack Flow pants continue to push the envelope of what a Paintball pant can be. Featuring unique Flow leg technology that help minimize resistance while also minimizing your profile. Flow Tech helps maximize speed and mobility on the field and allow you to focus on what matters, the game.

  • Objective: Create promotional material to support the launch of new Pbrack products. Design and brand products to elevate the company to the next level. 
  • Client: Pbrack Clothing
  • Collaborators: Nick Hammond Design

Graphic Design

The paintball industry is a very tight knit and slow moving scene wrought with designs that are regurgitated year to year with only an ever so slight hint at an attempt to reimagine what’s possible.

With PbRack, a paintball clothing and lifestyle brand, the goal was to create products that were wearable outside of the paintball industry. A brand you could fully support both on and off the field with no gimmicks and not even a hint of corporate sleaziness. The punk rock company of paintball.

Starting with a redesigned logo which included a more technical and edgy disposition we progressed to creating, and innovating, a slew of soft goods from pants to jerseys to casual wear. All which reflected the rebel attitude that comes with a do it yourself project envisioned from the ground up.