Our process and approach

Creating impactful films doesn’t happen the day of the shoot, it actually starts long before the shoot day. We want to share our approach with you so you have an idea of how our process for making films works. There are a few factors that go into creating effective and relative films for brands and we focus heavily on storytelling and making sure we bring out the right one in a film. 

How Most Brands Think It Works:
The brand comes to us with an idea that they already have for a film and they want us to shoot and edit it. Not open to our ideas or suggestions, all we need to do is show up and shoot an interview with the CEO or employee of the brand. Without any real direction or pre-planning, this usually ends up being a ramble of random strings of sentences with no direction, story, or organization. After the interview we shoot some relevant b-roll that we may or may not use and THEN we try to find the story during post-production. This approach is usually 90% time spent on production and post-production and 10% time spent on pre-production. Because there wasn't any time spent on the pre-production phase, you spend a lot more time making revision after revision trying to find a story that just isn't there. The visuals may look pretty, but the video lacks an effective and engaging story, ultimately ending up with an "ok" film that doesn't leave a lasting impression. Neither the brand or the production company feels completely fulfilled about the work.

How We Work: 
The process actually starts long before production (shooting) and post-production (editing). One of the key steps that brands don't usually think of is, pre-production - the actual story, concept, and character development stages. We utilize our story, concept, and character development process during pre-production to essentially figure out what the heart beat of your brand is. By asking the right questions and investing in this important step, we can hone in and identify your brand's unique story ensuring that we will tell it with intention and confidence. On average we spend about 50% of our time on pre-production and the remaining 50% on production and post-production. We go into the shoot already knowing the story that's going to be told and which shots we need to get to make it visually impactful, resulting in less time spent on making revisions. The brand is happy with the results and the production company is proud of what they created.

One of the most recent examples we can share is the Outdoor Adventure Dogs campaign we did for Tito's Vodka in collaboration with Outdoor Project. The shooting aspect itself took only 1 or 2 days of shooting per film, but because we invested half of the time finding and creating a story we knew would be impactful before actually shooting, it gave us and the client confidence that we didn't leave the shoot wondering if we missed any important elements. We already knew what story we were creating in post-production and most of the films were approved on the first draft! The film series turned out to be the companies most successful marketing campaign for Vodka For Dog People to date. You can view the ad program here: Outdoor Adventure Dogs.

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