Working and owning a company together with your best friend/significant other may not sound ideal to a lot of people. Throw a puppy and a 4 year old human in the equation and it gets even more interesting. It is a lot of work to handle life, work, and love, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. Jess and I balance each other out that we're able to work together well enough to not get to the point of killing each other :) 

I had previous plans to propose in November 2016 because we were hired to shoot an elopement in the Redwoods. Unfortunately the client called it off so that plan was cancelled. I knew I wanted it to be intimate and outside and what better place to do it than in our own Pacific Northwest backyard.

I had a beautiful ring custom made and my goal was to propose before Jess' birthday which is coming up in January. Christmas came around and 2016 was such an awesome year for us as people and as a company so I figured what better way to button up the year with a hike and a proposal. We set off to Abiqua Falls which is one of our favorite waterfalls. We reached the falls to discover not a single soul there except us and our puppy, Shasta. I took a handful of photos of Jess and Shasta and then handed the camera over to Jess. As she was laying on the ground taking photos of our dog, I pulled the ring out of my bag and held it in my hand for her to see when she turned around. 

- Race